Photoduino Solenoid Valve Interface 1.0

Photoduino’s firmware version 0.10 was released to include the ability to control a solenoid valve and  automatically generate drops with Photoduino.

Solenoid valves  are typically powered through 12VDC and have a high current consumption, so we need this new circuit to be connected to Photoduino’s DEVICE port so it allows the connection to a solenoid valve and a 12VDC power supply.

The control of the valve is performed by a Mosfet IRL520 logic transistor and the circuit also includes a 1N4004 diode to prevent the reverse current that is accumulated in the coil.

The board is designed in a single sided PCB so it is quite easy to make at home, but it is also available for purchase as a kit which includes a solenoid valve, a 60 ml syringe and a 12VDC battery holder.

The 12V needed to feed the solenoid valve can be supplied by the 8xAA (R6) battery holder included in the kit. You can also use a 12VDC with at least 500 mA current (not included).

Part list

Qty Part name Suggestion
1 PCB Solenoid valve interface 1.0 eaglecad files
order at
1 12v Solenoid Valve jameco
1 1N4004 Diode mouser
1 10 Kohms resistor mouser
2 2 pins terminal block mouser
1 MOSFET IRL520 mouser
1 8xAA battery socket mouser
1 RCA pcb female jack sparkfun
1 RCA male-to-male cable farnell
1 50 ml syringe luer catheter without needle totclinic
1 Doble wire 2×0,50mm
1 Microtube 4mm x 0,25cm

Check the Building Instructions

PCB Schematics

Download the Eaglecad files of the circuit

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