Photoduino Shield 1.0 and 2.0

IMPORTANT NOTE: Photoduino Shield 1.0 and 2.0 are not longer supported by us. May be you want to see the Photoduino Shield 3.0.

“Photoduino Shield” is the heart of the Photoduino project. This is a PCB that fits over an Arduino board so that it takes all input and output lines as well the power pins. It has all the necessary electronic components and provides connectors to connect the camera, flashes, sensors and a LCD display with two buttons for user interaction.

Both versions are fully compatible with the firmware and use the same components.

Parts list

1x Photoduino Shield PCB 1.0 or 2.0
1x Arduino Board (Duemilanove or UNO)
1x LM386 Operational Amplifier
4x SCR BT149D thyristor
1x 10uF electrolitic capacitor
1x 10nF ceramic capacitor
2x 92 ohms 1/4w resistor
1x 1M ohms 1/4w resistor
8x 10K ohms 1/4w resistor
1x 10K ohms vertical trimmer
1x piezoelectric buzzer
1x 50 ways pinheader
1x ML16 (16 ways IDC connector) Molex PCB male
9x Molex PCB male 2 ways
1x Molex PCB male 3 ways
9x Molex PCB female 2 ways
1x Molex PCB female 3 ways
1x LCD display 2×16 Hitachi HD44780 compatible
1x Flat cable 16 ways
1x ML16 (16 ways IDC connector) Molex PCB female
2x Box push buttons (SPNO)
3x Jack Stereo connector 3,5 mm female box
5x RCA connector female box
1x Electret microphone
1x Infrared Photodiode
1x LDR(Light Dependent Resistor)
1x Infrared LED 5mm
1x Low power red laser pointer (5 mW)
1x Flat Piezo-electric speaker (for shock sensor)
5x RCA connector male aerial
1x Jack Stereo connector 3,5 mm male
1x Jack Stereo connector 2,5 mm male
Check here your camera remote connector
4x Jack Mono connector 3,5 mm male
2x Jack Mono connector 3,5 mm female

External connections

Here you have the necessary information to make the connections between the Photoduino Shield board and each external components. Although between the board connector and each component has intermediate connectors, the important thing is to maintain connections correctly as shown in the following images.